The Launcher

After you’ve download the game, you’ll want to launch TERA_Invoker.exe from the root TERA_HG folder. It will start the launcher (none of the other binaries will launch, TERA_Invoker is the only one that works). The patch process should start automatically. Note that you may have to restart the launcher several times in order for the game to completely patch. If you get errors after verifying or trying to launch the game, first restart the launcher and make sure there aren’t more patches to download.

Here’s a translated image of the launcher (borrowed from TeraFans), to help you work your way around.

TERA Launcher

After you’re done patching, verify your files by clicking the small grey button to the bottom right of the large orange one. Once you have verified with no errors, enter your username and password and hit the large login button. Secure Login is optional, and I don’t use it, but it’s up to you.

Once you’ve logged in, hit the large orange button to start the game, that’s it!

Note that Insayne, a member of NeoGAF, has made an automatic launching program which will start the launcher, input your username and password, log you in, and then start the game (along several other things, like setting process priority for you). You can grab it off of his site. The TERA launcher does not save your username or password, and his application is nice if you don’t want to copy/paste your username every time you start the game.

Once you’ve patched your game, you’re ready to change your game settings and choose a server.


Modifying Your Account

After you get a hangame account, it’s highly recommended you change your info. When you change your password, WRITE YOUR NEW ONE DOWN. It’s imperative that you DO NOT lose your password after you change it. Recovering it can be an hour-long ordeal that is not guaranteed to work. I can’t stress enough that you have your password somewhere just in case you forget it. With that out of the way, the following images explain how to go through the account modification process.

Before you start, be sure you’re using either Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 32-bit. (Chrome works for this but not for client downloading.)

Go to www.hangame.com, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the highlighted Hangul.

Again, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the highlighted Hangul.

Enter your username and password and then log in.

NOTE: This step does not apply if you were logged into hangame prior to starting this process. This page will not display for you.

Step 3.

Re-enter your password and then enter the last seven digits of your KSSN (which are available in the email 3zoom sent you).

Step 4.

Follow the instructions on the image to modify your account information.

Step 5.

Password change dialogue box.

Password change.

It’s very important to hit the large orange “okay” button on the main information page after you change your account information (including your password, despite it having its own confirm box). hangame will send you an email to your updated email address if your changes were successful. Now you’re ready to download the game.

Downloading the Game

There are three different ways to download the game. You can either download it via a torrent (fastest), grab it off a DDL mirror site, or get it from the official site (slowest). I outline all three methods below.

Official Site (Fastest method.)

First, in Internet Explorer (32-bit if you’re running a 64-bit OS), go to http://tera.hangame.com. Then, follow these images.

Login with your account and password, then click the link labeled “second”.

Step 1 and 2

Click the download client banner.

Step 3

You’ll be prompted for a couple of plugins that you’ll need to download. Hit yes to everything. After that you should get a download client. Don’t exit it or turn off your computer because I’m not sure how you get it back if it’s gone, and whether or not you’d need to restart the download process. With this process you won’t need a new TERA_Invoker.exe, and a shortcut will be placed on your desktop.

Torrent (No longer the fastest method.)

The torrent has become under seeded and is now very slow. I’m keeping this here for archival purposes, but the official site is now the fastest way to get the game. You’re downloading the Open Beta files and patching to the most recent version. You can get the .torrent here.

Once you’ve opened the torrent, put the hanpurple directory in the root of any of your hard drives. The game will not function properly if it is placed in Program Files. After you’ve finished downloading the game, you will need an updated version of the TERA_Invoker.exe included in the torrent. You can get the most recent version here. Save the file to your TERA_HG root and overwrite the existing invoker.

DDL Mirror

As with the torrent, you’ll be downloading the Open Beta files, and as such will have a slightly longer patch process. You can find links to all of the mirrors here.

Again, like with the torrent, you will need the newest TERA_Invoker.exe. You can get the most recent version here. Save the file to your TERA_HG root and overwrite the existing invoker.


Now you’re ready to patch your game and apply gametime.